BlueSmartie Consulting works with clients to plan and manage professional continuing education events while encouraging families to join in and enjoy local attractions and recreational activities.

BlueSmartie recognizes that continuing education events provide a unique opportunity to share information and build relationships with other professionals. At the same time, BlueSmartie understands that while professionals are busy and have a number of choices in terms of continuing professional education opportunities, family time and family friendly events are not always part of how meetings or conferences are structured.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional and unique experiences offering a new type of experience for professional education participants and their families.

What does BlueSmartie offer?

BlueSmartie works with you to create a positive professional education experience for participants and families. We provide a full range of services including:

When do we run courses?

That's up to you! We're happy to coordinate summer activities at the beach, winter ski trips...and everything in between!

Where are courses located?

BlueSmartie can offer Continuing Professional Education Programs in select locations across the Atlantic Provinces, on-board the Nova Star Cruise Line to Portland Maine or other locations you might choose to hold an event. The options are limitless to provide accredited continuing professional education programs and be creative and family friendly. Our professional team provides a tailored experience based on your group and identified needs.

How does it work?

BlueSmartie works with clients who offer professional courses in order to determine their objectives and develops a plan both for the education program and for social and family friendly leisure activities. BlueSmartie will include detailed project plans with defined timelines, ongoing communication and options for determining the effectiveness of your event.

We've partnered with various family friendly venues allowing for a range of local activities for participants, their partners and their children to choose from while participants are in sessions or after the course is completed.

BlueSmartie's goal is for your participants to both come back to future events and spread the word to other professional colleagues.



We work with our clients to determine meeting objectives and develop a plan of action. This includes conducting needs assessments, developing a critical path, researching hot industry trends and sourcing premier venues, destinations and hotels.


We ensure everything from the registration to meeting functions, catering, and audio visual operate flawlessly.


We provide hands-on expertise including site selection, contract negotiation, travel, registration, program development and on-site management.


BlueSmartie can support evaluation of your event in a number of ways. We can work with you to create a process to determine whether the key objectives of your event were achieved and provide a summary in a variety of formats.