Do you require professional education programs to maintain your credentials?

Do you find that it's difficult to juggle family, travel and education?

BlueSmartie Consulting can help you change that. With professionals in mind, BlueSmartie provides educational opportunities that are unique and creative. This allows you to attend courses geared to meet your professional needs in a family friendly environment.

We offer a unique experience that differs from traditional professional education programs. We work with our clients to identify a menu of experiences for participants and families either during or after the education session or conference. We've partnered with (and are continuing to partner with) various organizations that offer a little extra. Imagine, taking your family with you! Spending a little time enjoying one another's company and sharing in a fantastic adventure!

BlueSmartie knows what it's like to have an active family with two professionals in the mix. We're hoping we can help to ease a little bit of the busy-ness to your business...and add in a little fun.